5 Things I am Grateful For…

My friend Dr. Melissa Nelson wrote a post about a daily habit that she has cultivated called the Gratitude Practice.

I learned that our brains have a reticular activating system that follows the cues we provide when we begin to think of things to be grateful for …by responding with more things we are grateful for! It’s like the infinity symbol that keeps returning upon itself in a cyclical manner. Melissa advises starting each day by thinking of 5 things one is grateful for and writing them down in a journal.

  1. Yoga has been with me almost all of my life in some form or another. It is self-contained requiring no book, no equipment and no teacher. It can be done anywhere and everywhere, throughout the day, throughout a lifetime. It is the linking of breath with movement and stillness. Yoga was how I dealt with spending 45 days in jail. I once asked a friend from India when she practiced yoga… “Always,” she replied.
  2. Courage to face the known and the unknown.
  3. Truth as a goal and a standard of quality in observing and investigating what I think I perceive and in the choices I make regarding the actions I take.
  4. Humility, realizing that I an just a “straw” through which knowledge passes from the greater intelligence that surrounds me to the community that I am a part of.
  5. Intuition, cultivating the art of listening to what I “sense” above what I think.

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