Good News for Progressives!

Senator Hillary Clinton is being challenged for her US Senate Seat by Jonathon Tasini. This will be a campaign worth watching.

“Our goal is to raise $3 million. Not to run television ads full of poll-driven political spin,” says Johnathan. “We want to build a statewide, grassroots movement of people who are tired of politics as usual and want their elected politicians to reflect their values.”

Tasini intends to run a bread and butter campaign. The only issues he’ll be actively speaking about are:

  • End the War
  • Medicare For All
  • New Rules For the Economy

Tasini says, “The Administration and others who attack those who call for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq often pose that option as ‘cut and run.’ The language is purposely designed to try to frame people who oppose the war as unreliable cowards who can’t be trusted to stick around when the going gets tough.”

“But, the truth is immediate withdrawal is a far more sophisticated position…might I say “adult” position. It acknowledges the reality and the chaos of the war, it looks at the facts on the ground as they are and, effectively says, the war was a mistake. Grown-ups admit mistakes, learn from them and try to pursue a better course.”

He will be a great ally of the Barbara Boxers and Russ Feingolds in the US Senate. Read more in his blog: Working Life.

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