Hawaii & Louisiana Dems sink ANWR…

Following is the 51 to 49 roll call vote by which the Senate moved to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling:
Supporters of drilling voted Against removing a section of the budget resolution anticipating revenue from ANWR drilling.
Opponents of drilling voted For removing it from the budget.

Democrats Against (3):
Akaka and Inouye (Hawaii); Landrieu (La.)

Republicans Against (48):
Alexander (Tenn.); Allard (Colo.); Allen (Va.); Bennett (Utah); Bond (Mo.); Brownback (Kan.); Bunning (Ky.); Burns (Mont.); Burr (N.C.); Chambliss (Ga.); Coburn (Okla.); Cochran (Miss.); Cornyn (Tex.); Craig (Idaho); Crapo (Idaho); DeMint (S.C.); Dole (N.C.); Domenici (N.M.); Ensign (Nev.); Enzi (Wyo.); Frist (Tenn.); Graham (S.C.); Grassley (Iowa); Gregg (N.H.); Hagel (Neb.); Hatch (Utah); Hutchison (Tex.); Inhofe (Okla.); Isakson (Ga.); Kyl (Ariz.); Lott (Miss.); Lugar (Ind.); Martinez (Fla.); McConnell (Ky.); Murkowski (Alaska); Roberts (Kan.); Santorum (Pa.); Sessions (Ala.); Shelby (Ala.); Specter (Pa.); Stevens (Alaska); Sununu (N.H.); Talent (Mo.); Thomas (Wyo.); Thune (S.D.); Vitter (La.); Voinovich (Ohio); Warner (Va.).

Democrats For (41):
Baucus (Mont.); Bayh (Ind.); Biden (Del.); Bingaman (N.M.); Boxer (Calif.); Byrd (W.Va.); Cantwell (Wash.); Carper (Del.); Clinton (N.Y.); Conrad (N.D.); Corzine (N.J.); Dayton (Minn.); Dodd (Conn.); Dorgan (N.D.); Durbin (Ill.); Feingold (Wis.); Feinstein (Calif.); Harkin (Iowa); Johnson (S.D.); Kennedy (Mass.); Kerry (Mass.); Kohl (Wis.); Lautenberg (N.J.); Leahy (Vt.); Levin (Mich.); Lieberman (Conn.); Lincoln (Ark.); Mikulski (Md.); Murray (Wash.); Nelson (Fla.); Nelson (Neb.); Obama (Ill.); Pryor (Ark.); Reed (R.I.); Reid (Nev.); Rockefeller (W.Va.); Salazar (Colo.); Sarbanes (Md.); Schumer (N.Y.); Stabenow (Mich.); Wyden (Ore.).

Republicans For (7):
Chafee (R.I.); Coleman (Minn.); Collins (Maine); DeWine (Ohio); McCain (Ariz.); Smith (Ore.); Snowe (Maine).

Independent For:
Jeffords (Vt.)

The fight to save the Arctic Refuge is far from over. Arctic drilling may yet be prevented by voting against passage of the entire budget, of which Arctic drilling is a part. Please, thank Senators Feingold and Kohl for helping lead the charge to stop drilling for oil. Then boycott the companies that want to drill there:

Boycott these corporations and refuse to buy their gas until they promise not to drill in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

ExxonMobil: 972.444.1000 – Kwik Trip buys gas from Exxon Mobil, call them and let them know what you think 608.781.8988.

ChevronTexaco: 925.842.1000

Support these corporations that refuse to drill in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge:

BP: 281.366.5174 and 202.457.6603

ConocoPhillips: 303.649.4065

CITGO which gets nearly all its gas from Venezuela and the government of Victor Chavez. President Bush is once again doing everything he can to overturn the 3 times Democratically elected government in Venezuela.

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