Hummer Heads West… Guns a blazin’

On July 19, the Army will be taking their computer simulation, called the “Virtual Army Experience” to Duluth, for the Duluth Air Show. The exhibit allows children as young as 13 to practice firing a machine gun at life-sized images of people projected on a computer screen. Witnesses report that Army recruiters in Milwaukee weren’t even asking for proof of age, so it’s likely that children even younger than 13 were allowed to participate.

Yes, it’s outrageous – but it can be stopped, and Peace Action has shown how. WNPJ can help support an effort by Minnesota and Wisconsin peace activists to keep the Army from providing Duluth-area twelve-year-olds with machine-gun practice. What do you think? Can we make it Peace 2, Army 0?

Contact the administrators of the Duluth Air Show at 218.628.9996 – to ask them to keep the ‘Virtual War Game’ out of the show – and then call Summerfest in Milwaukee at 414.273.2680 to thank them for their recent action!

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