Lies and Freedom Fries…

Congressman Walter Jones, the Republican from North Carolina who invented the term Freedom Fries and was also the brains behind french toast becoming freedom toast in Capitol Hill restaurants, now feels that the US went to war “with no justification”.

Although he voted for the war, he has since become one of its most vociferous opponents on Capitol Hill, where the hallway outside his office is lined with photographs of the “faces of the fallen“.

“If we were given misinformation intentionally by people in this administration, to commit the authority to send boys, and in some instances girls, to go into Iraq, that is wrong,” he told the newspaper. “Congress must be told the truth.”

French fries protester regrets war jibe but you have to go to the British press to learn the details…

The White Rose Society (German, Die Wei├če Rose) was a World War II-era resistance movement in Germany calling for nonviolent resistance against the Nazi regime. is revisiting the idea under the current US administration.

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