Phelps and his sheep…

If the notorious “Pastor” Fred Phelps and his anti-gay, anti-religion cult members ever come to your town some San Franciscans provide the following story explaining how to best deal with them:

“Believe it or not, Phelps and his sheep have been to our city several times to protest funerals (a pastor protesting a funeral?). The last time they were here we organized an AIDS charity fund raiser to coincide with his protest, and hundreds of San Franciscans signed up to pledge a dollar a minute for as long as Phelps and his hate group stayed and ranted. When the Phelps protesters found out that they were part of a fundraiser for AIDS charities, they left after about 10 minutes.” Gregg Jaspers advice to Litchfield High students on how to handle Phelps’ appearance there.”

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