Progressive Patriots

On Jan. 21, 2005 Sen. Russ Feingold filed a document with the Federal Election Commission establishing the Progressive Patriots PAC. The Progressive Patriot Fund, will finance his travel around the country as he gauges public interest in his possible candidacy for the Presidency. While there is a already a Draft Feingold movement with a Web site, a quick search for the term progressive patriots on Google reveals some other discoveries:

The Progressive Patriots Blog and the Greene Dragons, a group of patriotic revelers who invite you to join in the American Revel-ution, a fun and freewheeling independence movement from President-Select George II and his corporate monarchy.

"This day after the inauguration is another dark one for democracy, but I have three little words for progressive patriots: Impeach. Indict. Imprison." says Jerry Springer. - Listen, Call in, & Blog

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