Pulling the wool over your eyes…

Last night Bush stated, “we have… raised homeownership to the highest level in history,” but, homeownership has gone up every year since they started measuring the statistic.

There are 300 million fewer jobs in America since Bush took office… despite the fact that last night he bragged, “in the last year alone, the United States has added 2.3 million new jobs.”

“Cut the deficit in half by 2009…” except the budgets never contain any mention of funds for Iraq or Afghanistan.

And of course, 25% of the speech was devoted to trying to sell the concept of a Social Security Crisis. Visit ThinkProgress.org for a complete de-bunking of the entire speech in a blog that ran live while it was being deliverd last night. My favorite quote from the TP bloggers, “Conservatives have lost control of the Republican party. It’s being run by incompetent, corrupt children of privlege.”

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