SUSA’s latest poll

Thanks to Robert Godfrey for the following details from SUSA’s latest 50-state Bush poll:
  • Seven states actually gave Bush higher approval ratings than disapproval: Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Nebraska, Oklahoma and North Dakota. Two were a wash.
  • Forty-one states are turning against Bush… with thirty-five scoring a double-digit disapproval disparity.
  • Interestingly, Ohio – the BIG Bush Swing State – gives him a 37% approval and a 61% disapproval rating.
  • Also, check out the surprising sudden turnaround in Texas.
Rep. Sherrod Brown (D) Ohio is currently delivering a blistering attack in Congress against Republican efforts to maintain tax cuts for the wealthy while Medicare premiums have doubled over the past few years and Republicans plan further cuts in other benefits. He also recently announced a plan to run for Senate in Ohio… to campaign in the Democratic primary against Paul Hackett, the Iraq war veteran who almost won a seat in the House by running in a very strong Republican district of Ohio. Hackett, a former Marine is asking people to sign this pledge:

I pledge to only support candidates who:
1. Acknowledge that the U.S. was misled into the war in Iraq
2. Advocate for a responsible exit plan with a timeline
3. Support our troops at home and abroad

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