The 9% Factor…

That’s the number of Americans who still think that Congress is doing a good job… 9%.

This weekend (July 17–20, 2008) there are two simultaneous political blogging conventions taking place in Austin, Texas. The 3rd annual gathering of what was originally the YearlyKos Convention, now known as Netroots Nation, is broadcasting live and archiving the numerous presentations as video clips on their UStream TV channel.

I am watching a live keynote speech by tech pioneer and professor Lawrence Lessig promoting the “Just say 9…” campaign. Add .09 cents to any and every campaign contribution to bring home the message that only 9% of Americans still have faith in their own system of government as represented by Congress.

“We have to solve the Democracy crisis,” before we can solve any other problems says Lessig.

Track their tweets at #NN08.

A few miles away at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin you can find the other half… RightOnline billing themselves as coming into being, “for conservatives tired of being left behind.” A first time event taking place July 18 and 19, they seek to penetrate the Web2 world from the right sphere with support from the Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Track their tweets at #rton08.

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