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When taken out of context, Ward Churchil’s comments regarding the victims-as-perpetrators on 9/11 seem to be flagrantly harsh. When those comments are placed back within the document from which they were extracted it’s another story indeed. Read “Some People Push Back” On the Justice of Roosting Chickens by Ward Churchill if you want to be fully informed.

Churchill opens with, “When queried by reporters concerning his views on the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November 1963, Malcolm X famously – and quite charitably, all things considered – replied that it was merely a case of “chickens coming home to roost.”

“On the morning of September 11, 2001, a few more chickens – along with some half-million dead Iraqi children – came home to roost in a very big way at the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center. Well, actually, a few of them seem to have nestled in at the Pentagon as well.”

FightingBob.com has also posted an article Ward Churchill and UW-Whitewater: free speech principles vs. politics, Oxen and bulls by Donald Downs, a professor of political science, law and journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and author of several books, including “Nazis in Skokie” and the recently released “Restoring Free Speech and Liberty on Campus.”

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