Yeeaarrgghh! Dean for DNC Chair

It looks like the Seabiscuit candidate is breaking into the lead as we round the final stretch to the Feb. 12 finish line. Yesterday, 53 new voting members of the DNC, including six entire state delegations, 12 state chairs, 12 vice-chairs – including Linda Honold, Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, Tim Sullivan 1st Vice Chair and Stan Gruszynski, Wisconsin DNC Committeeman all endorsed Governor Dean for Chair of the DNC.

Can Volvo Democrats expand their base to include the Big Three automakers?

“We believe that Howard Dean will be a dynamic, innovative and effective leader for the DNC,” says United Auto Workers (UAW) President Ron Gettelfinger on behalf of the 18-member UAW board in announcing a unanimous vote to endorse Dean. “Gov. Dean has proven his ability to bring new people into the Democratic Party and energize grassroots political activists in all parts of America.”

Speaking to a DNC forum in New York over the past weekend, Dean is getting blasted by conservatives for raging, “I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for, but I admire their discipline and their organization.”

Many of us can hardly wait the ten remaining days until the DNC vote confirms the possibility that we might once again have a Party with a mission. End this war… and dump anyone in 2006 who thinks we have an Empire to build.

Last night when Bush said in his speech that Social Security would be bankrupt by 2042, Democrats finally stood up and shouted just like in the House of Commons – “No, no, no.” When he said he would listen to anyone who has a good idea to offer, a half-dozen Democrats stood and shouted, “Yeah!”

Today as many as 40 Senate Democrats may vote against confirming Alberto Gonzales. Last week, the greatest opposition to a nominee for secretary of state in 180 years was recorded when 12 Democrats voted against Condoleezza Rice.

I too hate Republicans and everything they stand for, especially when they count the loss of human life as collateral damage.

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