Dear Santa

It’s been over 50 years since I wrote you. I imagine you know about my being a Marine in Vietnam and my two divorces, but I have tried to be good.

I know you’re busy with all the kids, but, Santa, I’m feeling too old to be this sad at Christmas.

Can you help my country be what I thought when I was a kid? I want America to be good, not just strong. I want telling the truth to be really important. I want us to respect our friends and our enemies. I want us not to torture people even if they’ve hurt us. I want us to be safe because people like us, not because they’re afraid of us.

I know I said I didn’t believe in you, Santa, but I don’t know what to believe anymore. Please bring these things for Christmas; I don’t know where else to turn.

Cliff Adams


…published yesterday in a small Vermont newspaper called the Addison Independent.

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