Gerald Celente, founder, forecaster, Trends Research Institute

On Monday, December 31, 2007 on WPR Ben Merens’s 5 PM guest said “…in 2008 major financial markets will suffer a mortal blow and the U.S. dollar will be worth a dime…” but, he also says “not all the trends are gloom and doom.” The guest was Gerald Celente, founder, forecaster, Trends Research Institute.
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The Trends Research Institute founded in 1980 by Gerald Celente, has earned its reputation as the world leader in trend forecasting by identifying major trends with time proven accuracy … before they occur.

“When CNN wants to know about the Top Trends, we ask Gerald Celente.” CNN Headline News

“A network of 25 experts whose range of specialties would rival many university faculties.” — The Economist

“Gerald Celente has a knack for getting the zeitgeist right.” USA Today

“There’s not a better trend forecaster than Gerald Celente. The man knows what he’s talking about.CNBC

“Those who take their predictions seriously … consider the Trends Research Institute.” The Wall Street Journal

The Trends Research Institute maintains an apolitical stance but on the recent WPR broadcast, Gerald Celente did reflect on President Eisenhower’s famous farewell speech that warned against the impending failure to curb the powers of the military-industrial complex.

Add to that… the military-industrial-media complex. How is it that Fox News is now the Decider?

“The leading GOP fund raiser for the fourth-quarter (2007) is being snubbed from the debates for nothing more than having political views outside of mainstream Republicanism,” says Shane Cory, executive director of the Libertarian Party. “The Republican establishment shuns Paul for his pro-liberty views, and will do everything it can to marginalize him. Unfortunately, this is nothing new. There is a long-standing culture of censorship among the political elite when it comes to competing viewpoints.”

Add your vote… to the AOL poll about Ron Paul’s exclusion from debate:

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