Naughty artists in Austria

Eine Sex-Szene in Staatschefmasken, eine Frau mit EU-Slip, ein Aufruf zum Terror-Voten, EU-Galgen: Sind die Bilder der Kunstaktion “25Peaces” zu Europa gute Werbung für die EU? EU-Kampagne schlägt Wellen.

In case you don’t listen to the BBC or missed hearing about this “scandal” elsewhere, Austria has experienced artshock at the hands of euroPART, an independent artists’ group. Very independent indeed with a million euros grant, they embarrassed the government by covering Vienna with thought-provoking posters just days before Austria assumed the EU’s rotating presidency on Sunday.

Three of the 150 works by over 70 artists from all 25 EU countries were deemed porn and have been removed, two for showing nude models wearing masks of President George W. Bush, the Queen and French President Jacques Chirac and the other a pelvic shot of a woman in a suggestive spread who wears nothing but EU-blue panties emblazoned with the stars symbol of the 25-country European Union.

“Not a single poster portrays Europe in a good light,” Karl Doutlik, the head of the European Commission representation in Austria, was quoted as saying by the Kurier.

“Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys,” says P.J. O’Rourke.

“Giving money and power to artists is like giving water baloons to teenage boys in the closed balcony section of a movie theater,” says me.

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