Support Wisconsin Citizens’ Right to Breathe Clean Air

Big Tobacco, the Wisconsin Tavern League, and their allies in the State Senate are making a last ditch effort to pass legislation that will take away your right to breathe clean air.

Assembly Bill 414/Senate Bill 202 would overturn 26 local smoke-free ordinances and prevent communities from protecting their citizens from secondhand smoke in the future. This legislation would expose Wisconsin’s citizens to more secondhand smoke. This bill will be voted on Wednesday – please take action today. Fill out this on-line form to e-mail your State Senator. Urge him or her to oppose AB 414/SB 202.

Learn more about SmokeFree Wisconsin – a single issue organization whose mission is to promote effective tobacco control policies that will protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke; prevent the initiation of smoking, especially among children; and ensure that there is a well-funded, comprehensive and effective statewide tobacco prevention program.

I just sent this letter to legislators using the form above…

Dear [Lawmaker]:

I am writing to strongly urge you to oppose AB 414/SB 202 or any attempt to limit the ability of local governments to protect us from the dangers of secondhand smoke. AB 414/SB 202 would put smoke back on the menu in many parts of the state.

When do you stop trying to take local control away from citizens and their elected officials? There is a pretty bad record accumulating in this regard. Voters will be informed in November and hold you accountable.

Voters in the City of Appleton just voted to keep their 100% smoke-free ordinance by an overwhelming 57%. Three weeks later, some in the legislature want to pass a state law that overturns this vote, along with 25 other local policies around the\nstate.

Your constituents are keenly aware of the health harms caused by secondhand smoke. The 4,000 chemicals in secondhand smoke, including ammonia, arsenic, and carbon monoxide are especially dangerous for our children, the elderly, and people exposed\nto secondhand smoke every day at work.

I urge you to reject this last minute attempt to undermine public health in Wisconsin by exposing more residents and workers to secondhand smoke. The legislature should enact a law that protects all workers and patrons from secondhand smoke – not less. State government certainly should not hamstring local leaders who are willing to enact meaningful protections.

Please vote no on AB 414 and SB 202.

Steve Kastner,
Editor and Publisher…
Door County Compass
The Wisconsin Progressive

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