I just voted… how about you?

Sally Stix writes…

“I co-chaired the Bring the Troops Home referemdum effort in Watertown. We collected the necessary signatures. After we amended the form of the petition the City Clerk certified the petition as legal. As you may have heard one overbearing alderman lead a 1 vote majority to rule our petition illegal. We have a pro bono lawyer and are suing the city. Our chances look good.

“Now, why I’m writing you. As you can imagine the “Watertown Daily Times” is eating this up. Currently they are running an Internet poll on how would you vote if it were on the ballot. Since the paper can’t tell where the votes come from you can help me by voting and asking your friends to vote. The link to vote is http://www.wdtimes.com/ The poll is on the lower left side:

The Watertown Common Council has voted against putting the following question on the April ballot: Be it resolved that the city of Watertown urges the United States to begin an immediate withdrawal of its troops from Iraq starting with the National Guard and Reserves. If it was on the ballot, how would you vote?

Tally as of 1 PM on Monday, January 23:
Yes 83.4%
No 16.6%

Total Votes: 806

“This has been a roller coaster ride for us. We really sweated getting enough signatures. We needed 980. We collected 1000 and 986 were certified. I went out the night before I turned them in and got 20 signatures to put us over the top. This seemed like a miracle, because usually I would only get around 10 signatures a night. So far we have had 2 council hearings. And now we worry until the court hearing February 7.

Peace, Sally Stix

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