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A lab owned by California-based Genetic Savings and Clone is under construction in Waunakee, Wisconsin. It’s set to open in late March. And wouldn’t you know it? They’re having a sale!

“After years of research and development, February 1, 2004 saw the launch of GSC’s “Nine Lives Extravaganza,” our initial cat cloning service. We began delivering clones to clients before the end of 2004, and are continuing to produce and deliver clones for clients, now at a new price of $32,000.”

As the corporate media spins Pet Cloning Lab Set to Open; Residents Debate Ethics, what’s missing is any discussion of wacko-American consumerism.

How appropriate that today’s New-Found-Blog is entitled, “deconsumption The party’s over. Turn out the lights….” On that note, don’t miss iWillEvolve.org.

Meanwhile, my favorite big-blonde-conspiracy-theorist tells me that Neocon enslaved scientists working in a Guantanamo lab have been forced to undertake gene-blending projects in search of the master leader for the master race. She sends the following proof:

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