MSNBC Poll hits 175,000

On December 21 MSNBC reporter Howard Fineman posted, “Spying, the Constitution — and the ‘I-word’ – 2006 will offer up Nixon-era nastiness and a chorus of calls to impeach Bush.” Along with it a poll, that remains active and quite busy, asks readers to choose whether or not to punish Pinocchio for all of that lying and spying…

The poll just crossed 175,000 voters and the percentage who are choosing the YES button seem to indicate that George truly is a uniter and not a divider. A vast number of Dems, Greens, Repugs and Indies all seem to agree: Dubya deserves the same fair and balanced treatment we gave to Bubba before him.

Meanwhile, Washington Post’s polling editor Richard Morin was online Tuesday, December 20, to discuss the new Post/ABC poll, which showed an eight point increase in President Bush’s approval rating. Morin got a wee bit testy with the many participants who kept asking when he would poll on impeachment.

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