Natives are restless…

“It’s clear that the legislature has the votes to pass ethics reform, but the leadership is afraid to bring it to the floor,” says Ed Garvey. Hear him introducing Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s Mike McCabe at the Capitol this morning, who then speaks to protesters, followed by Nino Amato and Rep. Mark Pocan – all demanding an Assembly vote on the campaign reform bills passed by the Senate. SB1 combines the State Ethics and Elections Boards as originally envisioned by the People’s Legislature in their first assembly more than a year ago. Click to read highlights on the protest posted by Dave Callender in the Cap Times.

While Rep. Steve Freese (R) continues to wring his hands in frustration, I can’t help but note that he was also responsible for altering the original bill as approved by the Senate. Endorsed 28 – 5 and then blessed by Gov. Doyle, Freese and his committee members then added in additional capacity to investigate local elected officials instead of keeping the powers of the new agency limited to monitoring only state legislators. IMHO the wave of indignation that followed became a means to effectively stall out the clock…

While Freese says the amendments for locals could be removed, he also says, wiping away those pesky crocodile tears, that he thinks the bill is dead for this session. Whew! That was close… Pocan threatens a filibuster!

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