One for the road

Robert says:

I suggest a drinking game (a’la the Bob Newhart version) wherein everyone has to down a shot of some liquor or other everytime Bushie says any of the following phrases:

  • “September the 11th”
  • “We have to fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here”
  • “War on Terra”
  • “Resoloot”
  • “Unwavering”
  • “Vigilant”

The apartment owners better be prepared for overnight guests.

Let’s not forget “Stay the course.”
A new study by Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard budget expert Linda Bilmes have calculated that the war is likely to cost the United States a minimum of nearly one trillion dollars and potentially over $2 trillion. The economists take into account lifetime disability and health care for the over 16,000 injured and “then goes on to analyze the costs to the economy, including the economic value of lives lost and the impact of factors such as higher oil prices that can be partly attributed to the conflict in Iraq.”

Said Stiglitz, “Shortly before the war, when Administration economist Larry Lindsey suggested that the costs might range between $100 and $200 billion, Administration spokesmen quickly distanced themselves from those numbers. But in retrospect, it appears that Lindsey’s numbers represented a gross underestimate of the actual costs.”

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