Rummy is not Satan

“According to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions” – Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense CBS News, January 2002

But the transactions that can be tracked are even more disturbing, especially when they lead to insider trading benefits. Dick Cheney is about to be surpassed as the most wealthy Bush Cabinet member. Check out Donald Rumsfeld + Gilead… and don’t forget to give it a News Googling.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other politically connected investors in Gilead Sciences have a great stake in the future of Bird Flu. CNN reports Rummy has between $5 and $25 million invested in Gilead… the CA biotech company that owns the rights to Tamiflu. While the Pentagon has already spent $58 million on Tamiflu the Bush administration is considering a multi-billion dollar investment. In the last 6 months Gillead stock has jumped from $35 to $47 per share making Rummy one of the richest men individuals in the cabinet. Meanwhile, Tamiflu is not a vaccine. It merely shortens the duration of the symptoms.

Doubts Over Effectiveness Of Tamiflu: “Writing in the journal Nature, scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working with researchers in Asia, have reported a worrying finding regarding avian flu. It seems that the virus may already be altering itself to become resistant against the drug oseltamivir, marketed under the name Tamiflu.”

Before Rummy was Defense Secretary, allegedly approving the torture of prisoners, he was both CEO at Searle Corp. (a major maker of aspartame products) and part of the Reagan transition team that appointed the FDA Commissioner who then approved aspartame for human consumption. Attorney Jim Turner was able to nearly single handedly keep it off the market for 11 years until Searle hired Rumsfeld to skirt through the politics of the FDA and get it approved so they could earn billions of dollars. reports that the claims that Nutrasweet and other aspartame-based artificial sweeteners are “perfectly safe” have been encountering more and more opposition lately, as activists from a variety of consumer and health groups continue to challenge the contentions by manufacturers that they are not systematically poisoning those who consume foods and beverages that use their products instead of sugar or other substitutes.

Dr. Betty Martini of Mission Possible, an international ‘Aspartame resistance’ movement, outlines two aspects of the situation:

  • the recent study in Italy – showing causative links malignant brain tumors, lymphoma, and leukemia. In Sept they added kidney cancer and cancer of the cranial peripheral nerves
  • and the upcoming hearing in New Mexico to consider a statewide ban.

She has even written to Senator Joe Biden, who is exploring charges of Rumsfeld’s complicity in the Abu Ghraib incidents, asking if he should not be investigating this much older (and potentially deadlier) abuse of power. Aspartame is now found in more than 5,000 food products, including diet soft drinks and snacks like puddings. A new documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, thoroughly examines a hot-button subject many consider to be imaginary: the toxicity of aspartame.

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