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A friend in Vegas often sends me stories by Dahr Jamail, with a link to his Web site – Iraq Dispatches at DahrJamailIraq.com.

From Americans Who Tell the Truth - A collection of portraits and quotes by Robert Shetterly

The following is the opening question and response in an interview by Charles Shaw of Newtopia Magazine that explains more about Dahr:

Newtopia: The US Corporate media consistently characterizes the Iraqi resistance as “foreign terrorists and former Ba’athist insurgents”. In your experience, is this an accurate portrayal? If not, why?

Dahr Jamail: This is propaganda of the worst kind. Most Iraqis refer to the Iraqi Resistance as “patriots.” Which of course most of them are – they are, especially in Fallujah, primarily composed of people who simply are resisting the occupation of their country by a foreign power. They are people who have had family members killed, detained, tortured and humiliated by the illegal occupiers of their shattered country. Calling them “foreign terrorists” and “Ba’athist insurgents” is simply a lie.

Unembedded, Independent

An exclusive, in-depth interview with journalist Dahr Jamail on what is really going on in Iraq

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