Politics for Children

“115 million people are not voting because they are not hearing anything authentic about issues of genuine concern. “We have a hunger for authenticity… we are ready to hear so much more,” says author Jeff Golden.

“We always vote our self-interests… as we see it,” he explains in “As If We Were Grownups” speaking as a recent guest on CNN’s Book TV. “In this last election both parties put more money than ever before into grassroots action. There’s some kind of resurgence in the value of face-to-face contact.”

In his book he delineates 10 speeches you will never haer from a politician, filled with topics that politicians refuse to touch… and posts some key value tests like, “How will this decision affect my kids and grandkids?”

“We need to absolutely demand that costs and consequences of decisions be discussed… We need to demand election reforms, there’s no reason for us to trust any politician that does not endorse a bill for verifiable election results.”

“The guy who is not in the White House spent a year disguising his true feelings about the war because pollsters advised him against it. They say ‘Don’t get complicated, keep it simple’.”

“I submit that you could write a speech that says I’m for democracy and then talk about what that means.”

“In 1992 Ross Perot went from this rich kook to a guy that lots of people thought could be president – in about 30 days” – because he was talking about relevant issues.

Les AuCoin, nine-term U.S. Congressman, Oregon’s First District says the following about Golden’s new book:
“I’m delighted to find in these pages a prescription that could stanch the bleeding of public confidence. Here’s a compelling case for politicians of all stripes to stop selling cotton candy – giving it away, really – and to start trusting that we voters are adults who can cope with what we need to hear. This book helps pave the way to a new national political ethic.“

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